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Published: 2014-07-24

Nuclear Imaging of Amyloidosis

Wojciech Cytawa, Jacek Teodorczyk, Piotr Lass

(Department of Nuclear Medicine, Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland)

Pol J Radiol 2014; 79:222-227

DOI: 10.12659/PJR.890147

Abstract: Amyloidosis is a clinical condition caused by deposition of various protein fibrills in extracellular space. The presented symptoms depend on the type of deposits and the organ or organs involved. The correct diagnosis is often difficult, due to lack of nonivasive imaging techniques and insufficiency of morphological imaging procedures delievered by radiology. We presented a list of potential radiopharmaceuticals that can be used in detecting various types of amyloidoses. 123I-SAP proved to have high sensitivity in imaging of AA and AL amyloidosis in visceral organs. 99mTc-Aprotinin was found to be useful in detecting cardiac amyloidosis. A couple of classical radiotracers, such as 201Tl, 123I-mIBG, together with 111In-antimyosin were also tested for accuracy in cardiac imaging, however the main problem...

Keywords: nuclear imaging, scintigraphy, Amyloidosis

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