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Published: 2016-07-25

Radiological Indicators of Bone Age Assessment in Cephalometric Images. Review

Magdalena Durka-Zając, Maria Mituś-Kenig, Marcin Derwich, Agata Marcinkowska-Mituś, Magdalena Łoboda

(Private Practice, Specialist Orthodontic Practice, Mierzyn, Poland)

Pol J Radiol 2016; 81:347-353

DOI: 10.12659/PJR.895921

ABSTRACT: The ability to assess bone age accurately is important and allows to diagnose the patient correctly and to plan orthodontic treatment appropriately. The aim of the work is to present views of different authors on the subject of using cephalometric images to determine bone age and its significance for conducting appropriate orthodontic treatment.
Publications from the PubMed medical database were analyzed. Search criteria: bone age assessment, CVM method. Ultimately, 36 papers out of 1354 publications were selected.
The research of many authors confirms the usefulness of various methods using cephalometric images to assess skeletal age. Currently, the CVM method devised by Baccetti et al. is the most frequently mentioned one in literature.
It seems that bone age assessment methods based on evaluating the morphological structure of the cervical vertebrae in cephalometric images can clearly differentiate skeletal maturity in children regardless of their race or sex. Bearing in mind the constant technological progress in medicine and stomatology, bone age assessment methods need to be perfected in order to alleviate their impact on the patient as much as possible.

Keywords: Age Determination by Skeleton, Cephalometry, Cervical Vertebrae

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